How do I know if there are baby squirrels in the attic?

If you have spotted a squirrel on your roof or around your attic, there is a very high chance that it's a female squirrel. There's also a very high chance that there are babies hiding somewhere in a nest too, babies that this mother squirrel will defend to the death if she needs to. She's well-equipped for the task too, with razor-sharp teeth and claws. Squirrels have litters twice yearly, late winter and mid summer, and her babies will stick with her in the nest for about twelve weeks. At about six to eight weeks of age, her youngsters will start to venture outside the nest, and even outside your home. This gives you the perfect opportunity to use exclusion devices and one-way doors to ensure the animals can't come back. There are some other tell tale signs that you have a female squirrel with her youngsters - she will have large nipples, for example. This is only useful information if you get up close to see them, of course, but you should keep your ear out for noises. This will often be in the form of scratching and rustling, usually in the attic in seemingly within your walls. This is when the squirrels have managed to get in the crevices in your walls, or may have fallen down from the chimney or attic space. You may even hear the call of hungry baby squirrels, all activity getting louder as the sunsets, and also first thing in the morning. It is during these times that the mother squirrel will wake up and venture out to find food for her young.

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A mother squirrels will build its nest in attic especially when it is about to have babies. Attic is most secured place where the squirrels will choose to be. They build the nests near an opening such as unscreened vents and a sign of squirrels within attic includes sounds which they produce. You can also hear continuous scratching noise and scampering around. This is the right opportunity you can use to identify if you have baby or adult squirrels.

If it is a mother, you can come across the nest built of the cardboard, leaves or insulation. In this case, you have to be extra careful since there are higher chances that the babies maybe in such nests. When the babies are young, they do not make the noise since they have not grow up yet and they are fragile without any clue about the surrounding. When they had matured a little, you will start to hear their jumping down and up and their voices because they are in the most active stage. When you find the squirrels babies, you may choose to get rid of them at once or you may give them some time for growing up and to leave the mother.

Squirrel is a nuisance and you can be forced to ensure that you got rid of them before the babies grow. This is a challenging procedure, since you will have to be extra careful when it comes to remove these babies with their mother. The firsts step to deal with the squirrels is to know the entry points they use to enter into the attic. If there are many entry points, you should block all them leaving only one where the squirrels will use to go out. If you know that the mother has left, you may remove baby squirrels making sure that you do not hurt them. They are normally harmless and you may pick them with your hands and put them in the bucket where it is easy for the mother to find them. When you find out that the squirrel is yet to give birth, you can try to chase it away by playing the rafters or play the loud music in the night. You may also soak cotton in the cider vinegar and throw them in attic since squirrels may detest the smell. It is important when it comes to identify which type of squirrels found in the attic in order to decide on the relevant technique which will help in getting rid of them. If you are not aware of what to do, then you should contact a professional who is ready to help you.

The squirrels that live in the attics are the most common conflict between humans and animals. The squirrels normally like to be in trees while in the wild and they will build a nest made of the twigs and leaves. However, squirrels are adaptable as any other animals and they can be happy in urban and suburban environment. They are opportunistic and they can turn the attic into their home. Attic is safe, warm and dry and few predators can reach them there. However, when they are in the attic, they became spectacular chewers or they can make their way up in the roof by chewing.

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