Is it safe to handle a squirrel with bare hands?

It is not safe to handle a squirrel with bare hands, and it isn't advisable either. You will need thick rubber gloves when dealing with any kind of wild animal invasion, and this is definitely the case with the squirrel - an animal with seriously sharp teeth and claws. We would always advice that you hire a professional wildlife control expert to do the job rather than attempting to capture the beast yourself, and that's for the animal's safety as well as your own. Many squirrels become injured during the capturing process, and this is mostly down to using ineffective and ill-advised tools. A cage that is too big, for example, could be just as dangerous to a squirrel as one that is too small, and you will also need to monitor those cages too - an animal left in the sun will soon die, and if left in the cage for long enough, could become victim to predators, might starve to death, or could even injure itself trying to make a bid for freedom. If you are going to handle a squirrel yourself, make sure you have everything you need in order to get the job done safely. You will need the right tools to inspect every inch of your home on the outside, and in specific areas such as under the porch, and even in the attic too. You will need the cage and the gloves, as well as other protective gear and appropriate cleaning equipment.

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If you live in a placed where your home is surrounded by many trees then the possibility of you having squirrels in your home is very high and once they are inside your home or property, moving them out is quite tricky. What's more they may even have babies inside your premises.

And even though you find a squirrel or its baby nest in your home do not handle it with your bare hands because it's very dangerous and can harm your health through acquiring diseases because they are diseases carriers.

Not only that even your pets are not supposed to get closer to squirrels too since they may as well get infected, so you should call the pest control experts to come and help you get rid of this stubborn wildlife animals meanwhile do not touch them.

Well you may ask what about finding a dead squirrel in your home since its harmless, still do not touch it. You may think it's not harmful since its dead to cause violence but think about infections, it may be having pests such as ticks and fleas.

Before handling it with your hand make sure to wear protective equipment's such as cloves and masks to be totally certain that you will safe. But more importantly call a wildlife expert to come and dispose it to the right place.

The experts will also advise you on the right equipment you will use to remove these animals from your home if they are dead and also the best methods to use on the living squirrels. This may include live traps and many more.

However before using any of these ways to eradicate the squirrels make sure that young squirrels do not exist inside your home reason being when you deal with the babies prior to trapping their mother, the younger ones might die. And when they die, they will produce a bad scent inside your home.

Inspect thoroughly and if you find babies, do not still touch them because they are small instead find out if they are old enough to be moved away with their mothers or if they are capable of surviving by their own. But if they are too small to move, wait for a little longer before trapping their mother since when they are left alone they will not withstand the conditions of loneliness.

The main point however is whether or not you should catch or handle a squirrel with your hands if you find it in your home. Well don't even touch it under any circumstances not unless if there is really need to do so, although you are using a net to catch it or wear heavy duty gloves because if you wear the simple and light ones, the squirrel will scratch your hands hence hurting you.

You are supposed to follow all these precautions majorly for your own safety and the safety of those around you along with your pets, no matter how tempting it may be never try to handle these animals with your hands.

Usually handle in a slight encircled space due to the huge possibility of running away during handling. You can as well handle squirrels using your forefinger and thumb around the neck and must be gloved off course. This is to prevent it from stripping off. Make sure to hold it firmly.

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