Will a bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine work on squirrels?

Remember, the squirrels in your attic are 90% likely to be a mother with babies. High pitch sound deterrent machines and bright lights do not work on deterring squirrels because to leave the house or attic means death for the baby squirrels in the nest! A mother will tolerate quite a lot before she'll move out - usually life or death scenarios, and sound or light is not enough to convince her to leave when the life of her newborn young are at stake. Squirrels are well adapted to living closely alongside humans. Humans make noise, and they also bring with them a lot of light. Fortunately for the squirrel, humans also bring a lot of mess, and that generally means a lot of food. The squirrel, and plenty of other wild animals just like it, won't be quite so afraid of the noise and light once it learns that neither of those things can hurt it, and it definitely won't be afraid of it all the time there is the promise of a hearty meal at the end of it. When you use these so-called repellents and deterrents in your home, you are running the risk of pushing the animal further into the depths of your home, and this can make it all there difficult to then remove them. For the most part, they just don't work, and the entire time this squirrel, and other wild animals like it, are running around free in your home, they are causing damage and spreading disease. By investing in this deterrents, you are wasting both time and money, and potentially even causing yourself more!

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Squirrels do not only find high pitched noises inconsequential but they will not even need to deal with it either not unless they are females with younger babies. If you notice that there is only one single squirrel in your home then use high pitched sound and bright light too such that it will make it uncomfortable hence forcing it to prefer searching for a better safe and cool place.

This can work well for one squirrel in your house because what ultrasound and loud music does is to scare it away from your residence. On top of that fixing strong lights inside your attic can as well affect one single squirrel negatively.

Use of loud sound music to frighten squirrels away is not a new idea because this method has been used by several individuals for decades with no proven success. However there are some studies that have proven its efficiency on pests.

One thing with this sound is that it has no negative effect on people since it's of such a high frequency that people cannot hear it. However wildlife will hear it and can cause various negative outcomes as a result of it.

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What this animal does upon hearing high pitched sounds is to vacate the area where the sound comes from, they will leave to another location immediately where they will be free from such noises

However the trouble occurs once again they get used to high pitched noises, at some point they happen to resist the sound and resist its closeness so the possibility of them returning to the source of the high pitched noise is high since they will become familiar to it.

Studies carried out by several researchers indicate that squirrels are usually very resilient to high pitched noises the same as repellents, classic loud noise as well as light effects if applied as a method of repelling them Which is in fact true most especially when the found squirrel is a female with young babies.

This is one big reason enough for you not to depend on such repellents as an operative way to deal with squirrel problem rather use other best choices such as getting a classic trap to eliminate the squirrel particularly if it's one way exclusion trap because this kind of trap catches the squirrel and prevent it from entering your house in the same way once again.

Remember squirrels are also clever animals therefore if you are not careful, they will keep coming back to your home. Try other methods such as;

Sealing off all the entry points because they be discouraged upon noticing that their passage is sealed or closed.

Fence the whole Area of the Garden since when the garden is open; you will be receiving them into your property more often. Use strong materials that they will not be able to chew in.

Get rid of anything that lures these wildlife animals to your home or property because they will be dismayed the next time they will find nothing attracting them anymore.

From the statements above, you can be more certain that either both the bright light or high pitch sound deterrent machine is not 100% proven to work on squirrels therefore when you are facing squirrel invasion, just consider other preventive and proven methods mentioned above.

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