You might want to consider a professional for the removal of squirrels in Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston Squirrel Removal

Although I wrote everything I know about squirrel issues for this website, oftentimes a problem with squirrels in the attic is beyond the scope of the do-it-yourself homeowner to solve. I have found a professional company in Charleston, West Virginia that handles problems with wildlife. Charleston Wildlife Removal has access to tools, techniques, and experience that help them do a far better job at wildlife removal than a non-experienced homeowner could. They possess licensing that allows them to do certain types of work legally, that non-licensed homeowners in the state of West Virginia are not allowed to do. For the welfare of your situation, and the squirrels, in some cases it's best to hire a pro.

There are good companies and bad companies out there. I've done research on such companies, to get to know them, and feel confident recommending their services. I therefore recommend a company called Charleston Wildlife Removal which services Charleston, West Virginia. If you have a squirrel problem, or any other conflict with a wild animal, and live in Charleston, I am confident that this company, Charleston Wildlife Removal, is the one to call.

Charleston Wildlife Removal: 304-306-7050

I asked the company to describe their service range, and they said this - We service a large range in West Virginia. Charleston Wildlife Removal operates 24/7, so don't hesitate to call at any time to discuss your wildlife problem, and schedule an appointment for same-day or next-day service.

Most Recent Charleston Squirrel Removal Emails:

Dear David, I live in an old house in Charleston (113 Ridgeway) and I have squirrels in my attic. They were particularly loud this morning. They have chewed through the wood beneath the roof -- is soffit the right word? or fascia? -- on the south side of the house in several places. It would be easiest to repair these holes from the attic, I believe, though I don't know how to keep them from chewing around the repairs. The roof on the south side of the house is very high up, since the driveway is at basement level. I need help! What do you think it would cost to do this?

To whom it may concern, My name is Dedrick, I currently own a home in Charleston WV. Due to my neighbors lack of consideration for our house, there are two large trees with branches dangling near our roof. I am sure this is the main source of our problem. The main problem are the squirrels. My wife and I can hear them in the ceiling on the second floor and sometimes in the ceiling of the first floor on the side of the house nearest the trees. I was wondering how much this kind of removal would cost? Any pricing would be appreciated before we make this plunge. Thank you for your help.

There were few squirrels in my attic. Yesterday whilst cleaning the attick three of of the squirrels (Mother and two babies) left through the hole in the roof, aftrer that I have blocked the hole and I have been cleaning up the attic as they have cut a lot of electric wires etc. However, I noticed there is one more squirrel in the attic making noises and jumps about. Also noticed the mother squirrel hanging outside on the roof every so often, any ideas how to get rid off the remaining one successfully please, many thanks.

If you have a squirrel problem in Kanawha County West Virginia, or any other conflict with a wild animal, I am confident that we can solve it. We use humane methods when dealing with Charleston wildlife removal situations. Squirrel Control Charleston. Our company is fully licensed and insured in West Virginia. Call us any time at 304-306-7050 for a price quote and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment to solve your squirrel problem in Charleston.

Please be kind to squirrels! They are intelligent animals, and believe it or not, they definitely have emotions!
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