What do squirrels do with their tails?

The squirrel's tail is primarily used as a way for the animal to balance itself. It often spends time up high in the trees, running and bounding from brand to brand and tree to tree. That's not all it is used for however, and it's believed that some squirrels communicate through their tails. If the squirrel has been alarmed by something, it will flick its tail. The tail will become "fluffed-up" when the squirrel is threatened and getting ready to attack. The tail will take on a more shivery and waving notion throughout mating season, on the other hand, in a bid to attract a squirrel of the opposite sex. Being as big and as bushy as it is, the tail of a squirrel also serves another important purpose - keeping the animal warm. It needs something to curl up with inside the nest during the winter, and the furry and bushy tail makes for the perfect blanket. It has so many uses, you can understand why it has become one of the first things you notice - there goes a bushy-tailed squirrel! Not only that, in the warmer, summer months, when the sun gets too hot, the tail can be used as shade to prevent the animal from overheating.

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Squirrels have a fluffy but beautiful tails that can keep you starring at them all the time. Their tails are so big and furry such that it is the first thing a person discovers once they see this creature. Many people might think it is just for decoration but that is not always the case. It has more benefits to the animal more than one could ever imagine liker giving it balance and protection.

Tree squirrels need to remain steady as they climb up the tree therefore the big thick tail acts as the organ that holds the animal down and keeps it from falling. That is the reason the animal can maintain its balance even when it is on top of a telephone line. In case it was to fall from a high ground the squirrel will use its tail to act as a shield so that it is not hurt in case it lands in a hard rock.

If you carefully watch this animal walking from branch to branch or on a telephone line their tails are always raised and swayed from one side to the next. It is not because it loves having it up all the time or too proud of its hairy tail instead it understands the importance of its tail better. In case it falls the same tail acts as parachute to make sure that it does not hit the ground strongly.

A lot of people take it as just an accessory but it is more than just that. Despite acting as a protector and helping it keep balance it also helps the animal to communicate with others. It can be as normal and friendly type of conversation but it can also but a way to warn others about a possible danger. They can move their tails in a suggestive way while approaching the opposite sex if it wants to breed.

This tail is big and has enough fur to keep the animal warm. Therefore during cold seasons they can wrap themselves around it and be able to survive through the cold season. It acts as a blanket for them and if it is raining or it is snowing the tail could shield it from all those types of weather conditions. Also when the sun gets too hot they will use it to protect themselves from getting direct sunlight.

When it is too warm the body of a squirrel has be made in such a way that it can pump some blood to the tail. This in return helps in losing some body temperatures. You might come across some animals with longer tails than the other which could leave one wondering if it affects their healthy. Well the answer is no. as long as it is performing the necessary functions the length does not matter.

However in case an accident occurred and it lost its tail the squirrel can still survive since it learns some tactics. It might be hard in the beginning but after mastering the game it becomes easier to get by every day. It is no lie that these fluffy tails make the animals look amazing and no one would want to imagine seeing an animal without one. They also need to use them to protect their young ones from harm.

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