How to get flying squirrels out of the attic

Firstly, how do you know that you have flying squirrels in the attic? There are a number of other animals that could be causing the noses you're hearing at night, and you'll want to be sure you're dealing with the right one before you start taking any drastic action. Let's say you think there are flying squirrels up there, but when you go to investigate, it's actually a colony of bats? Or a few raccoons hanging out and having a party? That's why you should call in the professionals when you're looking at getting rid of wild animal currently co-habiting with you - you can never really be too sure what you're actually dealing with until you've looked it square in the face. There are also legalities to take into account when removing certain animals from your home or commercial property. Bats, again, have very specific requirements when it comes to removing them. You will also want to take into consideration the fact that squirrels, particularly flying squirrels, often enter attics and other similar spaces to build a nest ... and this nest is usually for a litter of young. There is a very high chance you're not just dealing with one animal here - you can have several flying squirrels in one attic space.

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Flying squirrels do not exactly fly but they are harmful rodents that glide through the air. If they are not controlled on time they could end up causing a lot of harm. They might also make you have sleepless nights as they make noises when in the ceilings or as they chew the wood at night. One is required to use the best and most effective ways of removing these wild animals.

The first step is always to know where their entry point is. Everything starts with an entrance therefore once you figure it out you can try sealing it totally. Ensure that your roof, ceiling and all ventilations are well sealed so that you know where to place a trap. Setting a trap in the attic is not as effective as using an exclusion method.

When one makes sure that the squirrels are out you can remove the temporary opening and make sure the primary one too is fully locked. They will not have a way of coming back to invade your property. Ensure that you clean that area thoroughly to remove any odor left behind. It is easy to identify that what you are dealing with is a flying squirrel but getting rid of it is difficult.

The problem can be gone in a second if you just call the wildlife control unit. They have the tools necessary to keep these animals off your property. It does not make it easier since doing the exercise yourself is way easier than calling animal control but it saves you from the hassle. You do not have to identify where these animals are located for you to catch them.

In case you believe in yourself to be jack of all trades then go ahead and do it. Prevent the route cause by trying to make sure that they do not attract each other while still on your property. Always make sure the trees within your compound are always cut such that it cannot jump from one tree to the next. Make sure there are no trees near your house.

If you choose trapping as the best method to use get the type of traps that will capture the animal live. Make sure that your home or rather compound does not have any foods that might attract these animals because the problem will only get worse. It does not mean that by following these methods you keep them out of your property forever but you will for some time.

One should master an art that will help keep these animals away for a long time. Their eyes are sensitive especially to a lot of light therefore keeping flash lights in the attic area will keep them away and those already existing will back off. Avoid using ammonia to keep off these animals as it can be poisonous to both the animals and you.

In case you have a garden where you could be getting some products from like fresh vegetables use pesticides that could keep these animals away. Remember your aim is not to kill it is just to keep them off so be careful not to get to the extreme. You can use water with hot pepper since it will be too hot for the animals to think of coming back.

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