Fastest way to get rid of squirrels

The quickest way to get rid of squirrels is to use a combination of exclusion devices and deterrent methods, but in such a way that they actually work. Most detergents and repellents do not work, but one that has shown to have positive results in SOME cases is eviction fluid. This is made up of secretions and urine from predatory males, such as foxes, and when squirrels and other smaller mammals smell this, they get scared and move along. The scent makes them think that a predator is nearby, and that will make them want to run for safety. This is a great tool to use alongside exclusion methods. After you have worked out which hole the animals are using the most to gain entrance to your home, the remainder of the holes, cracks, crevices and weak spots should be sealed and repaired, using steel mesh that the squirrel cannot gnaw its way through. If the squirrel is there with a family of young babies, the eviction fluid can make the mother move her young to safety. She thinks there's a predator nearby. Once she has removed her young, she can't get back into the property because of that one way exclusion device, and that gives you the opportunity to seal up the one remaining hole, eliminating the problem for good.

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Squirrels are everywhere. There are almost 300 different kinds of squirrel in the world with all types of subspecies to boot. These furry vermin are the most likely animal to invade your attic and home. It doesn't matter if you live in the Country or City, If they decide your home provides the perfect place to build nest, they are almost unstoppable. If you believe that squirrels are trying to move in on you, act immediately to stop them in their tracks! Here are tips to get rid of those interlopers fast.

You must first find, cover, and fill all of their entry holes. Some squirrel holes can be tiny like a fissure in the siding, or just a hole in the ground at the base of your home.

You must inspect your entire house from the ground up. Leave nothing to chance- look at roofs and eaves. Go over your soffits and siding. Inspect baseboards, trim, and foundation for cracks as well.

Look for overhanging trees that allow the squirrels to reach your house. Cut them back at least 9 feet

Remove any piles of wood, groups of bushes, vines, or climbing plants, and trellis that lean against your house and can be used for climbing.

Do away with convenient sources of water like ponds, fountains, or birdbaths.

Only use bird feeders that are proven to be squirrel proof and eliminate other easy sources of food.

If you decide to use dangerous poisons or harmful chemicals, understand that these can also be hazardous to children, pets, and the earth. If you put poison inside your home you also risk having a carcass trapped in the walls, rotting and attracting bugs.

Some folks like Snap traps. It may kill a smaller squirrel but you either have a gory body to dispose of or a large injured and angry squirrel in a trap.

Setting t live traps is simple and cost effective, but you will need to decide what to do with the trapped animal. You can relocate squirrels, but you must go at least 10 miles away to prevent them returning. Also remember that squirrels are very territorial, so it is not likely a relocated squirrel has much of a chance if there are other ones around.

Exclusion funnels are another really effective choice. They are easy to build or buy them readymade and just install it using only a few tools. This is simple metal cloth funnel that allows the squirrel to leave through the large end of the funnel, but it cannot return through the small end. You can attach these one way devices to a cage to capture the animals as well

Some folks choose home DIY remedies and all natural things like moth balls, cinnamon or pepper flakes scattered around their area. Others use flashing lights, sonic emitters, or a loud radio to drive them off.

To date, the best option we have found if to hire a professional animal removal service. These professionals will give you peace of mind knowing that you have employed a trained specialist. These removal services can quickly identify your problem animal, its entryways, where it nests, and formulate the best plan to be rid of your problem. They will also be up to date on all federal, state, and regulations that might affect you and the animal you want removed as well. These services not only capture and remove or relocate any squirrels they find; they will also give you tips to help prevent the squirrels return.

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