How to keep squirrels out of your house

Before you look at keeping squirrels out of your house, you must first look at removing the squirrels that are inside your house. Keeping them out involves a process of inspecting your property and then sealing up the holes, and if you do this without first removing the creature, it is likely to die. You will then need to find it and dispose of it correctly, taking the serious disease threat into consideration. The right way to keep squirrels out of your house is to first perform this inspection, identifying areas and holes that the animals are using to gain entrance. You then use exclusion devices to encourage the animal(s) to leave without allowing it return-access, and only when you are sure all animals are out of your property can you remove the exclusion devices and seal the remaining hole up properly. This is something that won't be possible when you are dealing with baby squirrels - if they are younger than six to eight weeks of age, there's a good chance they wont' have even left the nest yet. This means that you will need to deal with the entire family as a whole, and exclusion traps won't work for that. Keeping squirrels out of your home is an extensive process, and you will want to make sure you're hiring a professional to do the entire job the right way.

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Squirrels are wonderful creatures when outside, but once they invade your home or property they become you tenants therefore once they become tenants be rest assured getting rid of them will be a serious task. However you should not worry because there are various ways and methods of how to prevent them from gaining access or deal with them once they are already in your home.

These include the following three significant ways that you can practice to prevent squirrels from getting into your house.

Get rid of things that attract squirrels into your home for example bird feeders

Carry out regular inspection to find out the loop holes that squirrels can use access entry into your home

Use squirrel repellents

Using preventive methods is important but remember it cannot stop squirrels from intruding to your premise or home. The only way that has worked in various cases is the trap method, though some people at times even shoot which is not recommendable and totally inhumane.

Concerning repellents, they are not effective except perhaps using them to discourage the squirrels from chewing on the house using hot sauce. The technique that works most is closing all open holes. Ensure to shut all entry points.

Squirrels are described in many ways, determined, aggressive and insistent therefore if they gain access into your home, you will go through rough times. It's the worst situation because getting rid of them is not simple.

They prefer living in human homes because they will feel comfortable and safe, what's more its a better place for them to raise their babies. The way in which you love your home, squirrels enjoy staying more. Hence making the process of eliminating squirrels is not only tiresome but also more troublesome.

However the good news is that there are plenty of ways that you can use to stop this wildlife from making their own home inside your house or property though sometimes you require to use your common sense.

For example, stop leaving food dishes or milk for your cat every night because it's a welcoming sign for not only squirrels but other pests and rodents as well, so to avoid such trouble stop leaving it outside anymore.

In addition to that, ensure to block all holes in your home such that this unwanted wildlife will not have any access to your lovely home. Bedsides that move bird feeders to a little bit distant corners of your premises. These are just among a few tips you can practice at home without spending your money.

Apart from the above mentioned manmade ways for squirrel prevention below are some of the ways you can apply for long-term use;

Moth balls
This is another preventive means which is regularly used by many homeowners. Although it just works for a short period of time as compared to noise devises because this just smelly and once the squirrels gets familiar its odor, it become ineffective which can be quit disappointing when you are facing this problem

Finally, To avoid al the troubles if you have fallen a victim of this wildlife is to instantly contact a professional wildlife expert because they are specifically trained to handle such cases and know which technique should be used and when.

These experts have already carried out their research on all the inventive and latest ways of eradicating these animals therefore consulting them will do you good because not only your problem will b taken care of effectively but you will as well save your time and money.

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