What are a squirrel's mating habits?

The average female squirrel will have two lots of babies per year - two litters. Each litter will have between two and four babies, but with the right conditions, a mother can have as many as eight. The two times these squirrels will give birth are in the middle of summer, and also later on in the winter, after a gestation period of about eight weeks. The tiny babies will only weigh 13-18 grams when they are born, and they have no hair, staying in the nest for up to three months. They will start to venture outside of their newt after around six weeks, and they would be considered "adult age" at about nine or ten months of age. Their lifespan will depend on where they live. Squirrels in residential areas fall prey to poison, traps, vehicles, neighborhood pets, and more. In great conditions, a squirrel can live for up to 15 years, but only tend to live for a maximum of five in the urban environments they're finding themselves in today.

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There are different types of the squirrels that live around the world. Since all types of squirrels are mammals, their reproductions are also the same. However, they are different in litter size and gestation which may depend on one species to another.

Fox squirrels are the type of the tree squirrels. Females and males are the species that breed year-round while the males compete between them about which one will mate the female before others. Females are able to mate with different partners within one breeding period. When the conception has taken place, the gestation may last only 45 days. At an average, a mom squirrel will have two or three babies but they can have up to seven babies with one litter. Normally one litter of the babies will be born to a mother squirrel in a year but the maximum in rare cases is two.

Flying squirrels are common, but there is not that much research that has been done about them so there is no record about how they mate. They mate twice in a year, in early spring and in late summer. Gestation may take over 40 days.

Red squirrels have to mate faster because a female will have one fertile day in every breeding season and every season lasts over 105 days. There is a dominant male that chase a female and then it copulates with it many times to make sure that the breeding has became successful. Conception takes place at once after the mating while the gestation can last only 35 days. Normally, red squirrels will have only two litters every year.

Gray squirrels have mating rituals like that of red squirrels. If the female is near the fertility period, at least 10 males will start to chase it away. The dominant male will obtain the right to mate it after a short period of courtship. The mating takes place two times in a year and the gestation lasts over 44 days. The average litter has two or three babies.

Ground squirrels mate one time each year and they mate after the hibernation and it will last for some weeks. During mating period, both female and male may mate with many partners. One single litter can be from different fathers. The gestation may take around 25 days and the litter can be of 15 babies but the average is seven.

Gestation period may last over 45 days but smaller species have few gestation period. The babies may be born in dray, cavity in the nest of a hollow tree and a litter can be from two up to eight babies and they are one inch long at birth while weighing at least an ounce. Their young are intuitive while naked but they have whiskers. They are deaf and blind and they are totally helpless. When the act of mating has been finished, the males will go away and they will not contribute anything more towards the female or raising of the young.

The young will be cared for while in the nest up to the time that the mother will be fully independent. Weaning may take place gradually from seven up to 10 weeks. When the young had left the nest, they can remain with their mother for some weeks while learning skills that they need to use in their adulthood.

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