Do mothballs or ammonia help repel squirrels?

Mothballs haven't worked to repel or deter wild animals for a long time now. There are probably many reasons for this, but the most important of which is that animals just like squirrels have now become very well adapted to living alongside humans. We've been trying to use things like mothballs to get rid of these critters for years. If they worked, wouldn't the animals be "repelled" by now? Wouldn't all homes by entirely devoid of the furry little havoc-wreakers? I would be out of a job, and everyone would be buying mothballs to solve their wildlife control needs. Mothballs don't work. Animals can kick, move, roll and slide them out the way, and all they really do is smell bad. A bad smell isn't enough to deter a mother away from a spot that can provide a perfect nursery for a growing family. That's all ammonia is also - a toxic stench. However, ammonia is slightly different from mothballs, because ammonia is dangerous. By using the stuff, even rags soaked in it, you're putting other people and animals at risk - your pets, your children, and the other pets and children, and also natural wildlife, in your local area. Ammonia is poisonous - at this stage you're not repelling or deterring the animal, you're POISONING it. If you kill it, even by accident, you will then need to find it and dispose of it, all in the correct manner. Squirrels and other wild animals often bring a big disease threat, even when they are dead and all that are left are the remains.

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Ever wonder what mothballs are, well this is the most common kind of critter repellent. It's not simply the only carcinogen that is poisonous to the surrounding but the most interesting thing is that it has been used by several homeowners in their attic and caused them headache, however the squirrels don't feel it at all which only means that they can only cause more harm to humans but not to wildlife.

Being the cheapest and most accessible squirrel repellent, both ammonia and mothballs have to be used carefully to prevent you from harm. Apply it safely and effectively before getting another more effective method.

Squirrel Repellent
There is no doubt that squirrels are beautiful in nature but they are also naughty and very persistent. When you draw closer to it you can notice that they are just formulating means to loiter on your table, steal your bird food or breakdown to your attic.

These are some of the kinds of squirrels that are commonly difficult to handle, these include;

-Red squirrels
-Flying squirrels
-Grey squirrel

All tree squirrels can find comfort in a house therefore be careful for holes along our foundation, roof and siding.

These types of repellents are not just mere sprays, powders or pellets. It's very easy to repel a squirrel just like setting up a squirrel barring collar. Perhaps you are wondering what collars are, well collars are smooth metals that are positioned nearby the trees and poles.

A squirrel rising up the rod will not be able to hike beyond the bulging, metal disk. The squirrel will not find anything for which to use to hoist and grip it up with if you make the surface smooth. Consider covering up your cable wires or clothesline running into your house with elastic dimension of PVC pipe. This is will stop these wildlife animals from stepping over it reason being the pipe will automatically spin hence making it fall off instantly.

You can also use the technology of automatic sprinklers as repellents such that its flamboyant startling spray of water will frighten the squirrel and add a spiteful splash of water. Not to talk about chemical repellents which are quite breed of their own. In case you have problems with squirrels on your bird feeders, repellents that contain a pepper base are marketed as seed spices.

Another way of repelling squirrels is by use of bitter gels or even topical applications on specific places they are attempting to chew through. Hot sauce is an economical substitute to the commercial brands. Whichever repellent you chose, make sure to read the instructions cautiously.

The right time to apply these repellents is mostly after it has rained or for a long duration that it may work. However since the success of using repellents has not yet been confirmed, it's better to consider other proven alternatives that have been tested such us trapping. The advantage with trapping is that the squirrel will be trapped and relocated to a different location where it will live for the rest of its life.

Instead of testing all these kinds of repellents on and issue such as squirrel invasion which has become stubborn to many homeowners, its better you contact professionals. They will handle the task perfectly hence saving your time and money too.

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