What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic?

If you have found a nest of squirrels in the attic, there is a specific way of doing things to ensure you do it the right way. You will first need to go over your house with a full inspection, taking note of areas that could be damaged or weak and enable a wild animal to get in. You should do this twice for best results - once in the natural daylight of the day, and once using a torch at night. Eave gaps, roof vents, and soffits are the worst affected areas, but you should also check around chimneys and windows also. Using steel mesh, seal all holes shut, with the exception of the main hole. On this hole, you should affix a one-way exclusion door that enables the female squirrels to remove her babies, and then not get back in. It might be a case of a waiting game also - the young squirrels will not start to leave the nest until they are six to eight weeks of age. They may stick around int he nest for up to three months. Once you are sure all of the squirrels have been removed, and you may even want to consider using some sort of eviction fluid (the only repellent with any chance of working) to help speed things up a bit. If the female squirrel thinks a predator is nearby, she will voluntarily move her babies in order to keep them safe.

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The best thing one can do is get rid of them totally. They can turn your loft into a settling place not unless you out up all the necessary measures required keeping off these animals. There are many ways of getting rid of these animals like using repellents or trapping methods therefore it must be careful on the method you use so that it cannot harm the animal.

If you want to totally keep off these animals seal off all the entry points. No matter how small the space is squirrels do find a tiny space to fit in. In as much as you plan on blocking all the animals inside find a way of getting them out. Excluding them makes sure they do not come back to you as they will discover there is no open place welcoming them to your home.

When a squirrel is scared it will do anything to stay away. The most effective way to make sure it does not keep on disrupting your territory is by ensuring there are no exits. What a lot of people do is create a chimney that get rid of these rodents but when the time comes ensuring the exit side is wider compared to the entrance side.

It the most effective way to make sure that these animals are gotten rid of for real sense. Make sure the exit side too is narrow so that the animal will not find a way back in. Once it is out it should not be in a position to find its way in. Have something they love so that they can remain trapped in the bait as it helps a lot of people fight this infestation.

Trapping may not be the right way but it can be considered as a method of getting rid of these items. You can decide to catch the animal when it is alive to when it is dead. The best way to make these animals trust the trap. That means that you put in a placer no animal will get captured so that the animals can gain confidence.

Setting a trap will not be right if the bait is not right. Know what attracts your kind of animal and make sure those items remain in the bait. If you want to catch a squirrel be ready to have e a lot of appetizing products to have the animals come back and look for exert same thing. The bait should be placed far from the entrance so that the animals can be captured.

If you plan on trapping move them to an undisclosed place. The aim is not to kill but save lives. Move these animals away from your home so that you food items are jot destroyed named when captured look for an ideal location to move these animals. Get it far away from your home otherwise it will just find its way back home.

Dealing with a mother and the kids ensure that all of them get relocated. Know how the local laws operate so that you do not overshadow one. Even after driving them out they might be tempered to be back therefore keep the traps just in case these animals are back. Keep the traps even after you feel like the animals are controlled.

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