How to keep squirrels out of my garden

There isn't really a definitive way to keep squirrels out of your garden, and the same can be said for any wild animal. There are things you can do to make your garden seem less appealing or attractive to these creatures, but it is an open space - there is greenery and wildlife out there, and sometimes it's going to venture too close for your liking. The way you deal with it is important, of course. A squirrel will only come closer to your home if it has a reason too. This might be the bird feeder which is giving them ample opportunity to find food, or perhaps a hole that leads into your attic that provides a perfect nesting spot for a mother trying to rear her young. The fact of the matter is this - the squirrel will come closer if your home has something it wants, usually food or shelter. Bird feeders should be kept out of squirrels reach, and you should also make sure that garbage and trash cans are kept well covered. Your leftovers are like a five star meal to these opportunistic feeders. Repellents are deterrents rarely work, in case you were thinking of using those. It's probably for the best that you don't waste your hard earned cash. Or your time.

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In case you own a yard, then it is possible that you have also squirrels and squirrels can turn to be pesky and can damage new crops or pop up the buds of the flowers in order to get the seeds or the tender found insides buds. They may also dig up the flower corns or flower bulbs. These things will damage the plants and they will ruin all the hard work you had put into the garden. In case you are not sure of how you can keep the squirrels out of the garden, then you should not worry since there are easy way to do so.

There are some few things that you may do and which will help you to repel the squirrels. However, according to the place where you are living, you can find that such methods are inappropriate and inconvenient. The example is burrow fumigation and trapping which is appropriate if you live in the countryside but in case you live in the cities, these actions may put you in the trouble.

What chase away squirrels in one place, may fail to work in others since it will depend on squirrel breed that you deal with. If you have ground squirrels, you can try out flooding the burrows. They keep away since they will need to get another home. They will seek a drier ground and they will stay away of the area that flooded.

You may use natural squirrel repellents like ground chili peppers or predator urine. They do keep squirrels pests away for a short time. However, you should know that the squirrel repellent may turn to be ineffective if the squirrels are used to them. You may also plant bulbs or bushes that squirrels hate in the areas where you want to keep them away.

Whenever you find out that the squirrels come to your yard, then it is time to outsmart them. Start by removing things that attract them. A smell or a sight of fallen seeds, nuts or fruits can lure the squirrels into your own yard where they feed. You may clean up all these items under the birdfeeders or trees. Ensure that the trash can lids fit in securely for keeping the squirrels away so that they do not discover the treats from the garbage.

Set up a decoy food stations where you can add the treats that the squirrels like such as feed corn, peanuts and sunflower seeds but it should be away of the edible crops or planting beds. There are gardeners who plant extra tomatoes near such areas in order to feed squirrels. Ensure that you add water in the squirrel pit-stop but keeping in mind that you may end up attracting other critters when you put water and food out.

Have a cat or a dog in your yard which will scare the squirrels away. When you train the dog on how to chase the squirrels, you will be suffering few problems with them. You can also use predators pee and the motion activated sprinklers but you should not rely on them to keep the squirrels away completely since the squirrels can get accustomed to them. You can also exclude your garden by installing the cover and the cage over it. You can use summer weight row cover, chicken wire, plastic bird netting and hardware cloth for this work.

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