Will a pest control company remove a squirrel?

There is a very big different between a pest control company and a wildlife control company. A pest control company will generally only deal with insects, for the most part, whereas wildlife control experts deal with slightly larger animals - mammals, for example, and various reptiles. I've dealt with some weird and wonderful animals across the years, including armadillo, snakes, mice, rats, squirrels, opossums, raccoons, skunks, and many, many more. Pest control companies will rely on tools such as fumigants and poisons in a bid to remove the problem from your home, whereas wildlife control experts will use more humane methods. Poisons and fumigants don't work on the slightly larger animals - rats, mice, raccoons, etc., and other methods, such as exclusion devices and live cage traps, are preferred methods of removal. Death and poisoning is an ineffective way of dealing with squirrels, and there isn't a registered poison product that has been deemed effective for use with squirrels. Mice and rat poison doesn't work - these were designed for a smaller animal. You would need a lot of poison to ‘take down' a squirrel, and you would also need to consider how you would remove the baby squirrels that are likely to be hiding in your attic. You would also need to bear in mind the large wandering-surface area a squirrel would have, bounding from tree to tree. Once again, this would mean a great deal of poison, placed over a greater surface area, and this leads to bigger problems - killing the local wildlife, or even local pets.

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Most homeowners keep a contract with a local extermination company that visits them once or twice a year to help keep their homes free from pest such as roaches, termites, spiders and the like. This company most assuredly also offers yard control against pests such as fleas, ticks, and mosquito's .What no homeowner ever really thinks of is what happens in the spring when a noisy family of squirrels decides to nest in your attic, or you suddenly discover the same squirrels have chewed through your electric lines? What happens in the winter when neighborhood squirrels move in to your attic space to avoid the bad weather or make a nest under your front porch, not only causing an awful smell, but also driving your dog crazy?

Don't bother to call your exterminator, in most cases; he is not the one that can help you! A pest control company is able to solve your problems with bugs, spiders, and other creepy crawlies, but you will need to contact a professional wildlife removal service to be rid of creatures like squirrels, as well as bats, snakes, skunks, raccoons and other wild things. Pest extermination companies do not usually specialize in wildlife and so are not readily equipped with the knowledge or proper tools that are necessary to handle removal of wilderness creatures, even the lowly squirrel. Technicians from professional wildlife removal services are properly trained and will be aware of all laws, whether local, state, or national. They are aware of any local regulations or statutes that might be attached to the particular types of squirrels you wish to eradicate.

A wildlife removal service will also have firsthand knowledge of most squirrels' breeding, nesting, and hibernating cycles that will further aid them in the squirrels' quick capture. They know whether the captured squirrel should be relocated, or destroyed. They will know the best type traps to use and where to place them for maximum effect. Their experience will aid these professionals in ridding you of these interloping squirrels safely. A professional wildlife removal service doesn't stop when they take care of your squirrel problems. They are also well versed in helping you prevent future attacks. They will show you how to maintain your home's exterior and surrounding grounds so that this type of problem does not reoccur. No matter how simple or severe the infestation of squirrels you may have, If you feel that you can "do it yourself" when it comes to squirrel removal please play it smart! Make a call to your local agricultural extension agency or a nearby game warden for advice.

These professionals can provide every homeowner with valuable information on the proper way to deal with these skittish creatures. Wild squirrels are not only destructive; they also often are infested with fleas, mites, and other bugs. Some squirrels can carry diseases that can be easily transmitted to you or your pets. Remember squirrels are a wild animal, and even a frightened squirrel will often behave fiercely, doing anything it feels necessary to protect it or it's young. If you try to do it yourself, you will probably end up calling a service anyway. When you weigh all the pros and cons, you will find that allowing professionals to do their job is the probably for the best.

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