Will repellents get a squirrel out of the attic?

Squirrel repellents such as light machines, radios, high frequency noise devices, and moth balls generally DO NOT work. Squirrel repellants such as eviction fluid, on the other hand, actually CAN work, but only in certain circumstances. Eviction fluid is generally made up of a number of unpleasant things, one of which is the urine of a male fox. Squirrels are prey to a fox, and particularly baby squirrels, so if a mother squirrel smells or senses a fox is nearby, she'll move her young to another nest where she can secure their safety. The other repellants you can buy offer nothing in the form of a deterrent to a squirrel, especially when your attic (for example) has everything she needs in order to keep her family safe, including a steady source of food and water. Moth balls might not smell pleasant, but they can be rolled, kicked and moved away by larger animals, and some squirrels aren't bothered by the scent. Noise and light devices also do not work. Squirrels have become very well adjusted to living with humans, and that means living with light and noise every day. Those things aren't enough to dispel the wildlife any longer.

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One thing with radio sounds and ultrasonic repellents is the fact that annoys squirrels in the attic forcing them to think that the attic is not the best place to live in anymore, however none of the repellents has ever worked perfectly.

Putting flashlights and having the attic lights on in the attic can as well help in evicting squirrels but not effectively. However the best repellent is the eviction fluid which comes in concentrated liquid form or at times a granulated form. When you use this it will cause the squirrel become uncomfortable making it to keep off from the area or even move out the area completely.

Well, there are various commercial repellents for eradicating squirrels that are found in several stores including mothballs and ammonia that are said to be used for such cases however there has been no research done to prove its effectiveness.

Homeowners who are facing this wildlife problem are exposed to serious danger because they might gnaw on electric wires and boards. Normally, the most serious problems arise from nesting adult females. They keep on constructing their nests near the openings like, rotten trim boards or unscreened vent.

How to Keep Old and Young Squirrels out of the Attic
As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure, well instead of going through all troubles of various types of repellents, you rather take in prevention measures that will not only prevent the squirrels from getting into your attic but also saves your money and time.

If you have never experience squirrel manifestation or you have faced this problem and solved it perfectly, it's not yet over because they can come back again therefore apply preventive measures such as carrying out inspection checkups all over your building or search for damage or rot near by the roofline.

Make sure to inspect your property at least once every month and if you notice something suspicious don't waste time, carry out the task by fixing all the damages instantly. Get rid of entry and exit points, if there is no access then there will not be any infestation.

Cover up any hole that has been formed by the squirrel and also apply the same procedure to the greatest exposed places. Hardware cloth or chicken wires are the most suggested for this purpose.

Even if this wildlife are a great nuisance, the fact remains that it's possible to end this problem once and for all you have to do is to follow the guideline below

First and fore most do the things that will help the situation instantly for example getting rid of all bird feeders, secure garbage cans and also consider cutting off tree limbs from your roofline because this help you make your attic less appropriate and less accessible.

Many people fear to approach their attic because squirrels can be quite aggressive most especially those with babies therefore before entering your attic, just knock on the ceiling area or the attic door in order to alert the squirrels, if there is a fall stairway, blow it against the ceiling severally before entering the attic. The noise will help frighten them away such that you may enter with no noise. Also shine crawlspace or flashlight before you enter.

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