How to get rid of squirrels in the attic

You will first need to inspect your home, particularly areas such as the roof, windows and frames, soffits, fascists, where the chimney meets the roof and wall of your home, and also the chimney itself. These are a small selection of places and ways a squirrel can get inside your home. You will need to look at using either live cage traps, or one-way exclusion devices, in order to get the squirrels out, and the latter is preferred. You should make sure all squirrels are evicted using the exclusion methods, and only once this is done can you go ahead to seal the holes shut. This means *ALL* holes - even the ones you don't think are big enough. A squirrel doesn't need a big space to crawl through. They just need a tiny space that they can make bigger, with very little effort and in no time at all.

A number of things can cause problems when learning how to get squirrels out of the attic, particularly if there are babies as well as adults, and this is why you should consult a professional wildlife rehabber if you aren't sure what you're doing.

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Squirrels can be annoying creatures for most people buy there are things one can do to get rid of them completely. Being animals there are rules and laws that you must abide with so that as you are chasing them out you do not end up harming the animal. The best way you can keep them off is by blocking them out of your property completely.

One of the methods you can use is by ensuring the space is totally sealed. There should be no space left because these creatures can fit even in the slightest holes. If they are too tiny they can eat them up as a way of creating the space. Look for other spaces that may somehow connect to your loft. If the animal starts to feel like you are no longer welcoming they will create other channels.

After blocking all the entrances make sure there is an exit. You should only leave one hole that can act as a filter to push these animals out. It should be long and wide because your goal is to drive out the animals at all cost without harming them. Do not use a repellent since it can also have a negative impact on you. However make the narrow end to ensure there is no coming back.

You can spice the outside by placing foods like peanuts, sunflower seeds and any other things that attract these rodents. They will be dying to go outside more than being on the inside. Once you have driven all of them out you can seal the entrances and exists. In case these methods do not work you can try to catch them live by using a harmless trap and place it in an area they cannot figure out.

These are items that you can get from any store upon request. In case you do not know how it is set ask for guidance from the seller to avoid mistakes. Some of these chances you only get them once therefore be very careful how you handle such situations. Know what to put on the trap to attract the animal to come near it.

One can try scaring them. Put a radio playing songs inside your loft. They fear voices and they could end up thinking there is someone in there with them. Once they get scared they disappear. These sounds make the place unbearable to stay therefore they end up disappearing instead of living in such conditions. You can also leave some lights that flashes in sequence since that will also keep them away.

One can actually use the chemical repellant toy keep them off when is purchased from the shops and applied as instructed. Most of these products are not meant to kill the animal but to keep it off a certain area. In case that does not work or you realize that you or your animals could be experiencing side effects consider throwing them away physically.

In case you want to draw them away physically avoid touching the animals since they could be having some diseases. If the process gets difficult call for help from an expert since there are people who specialize in that. They will carry the animals away to safety easily, saving time and without causing them any harm.

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