Top 5 signs of squirrel presence in your attic

You'll soon learn that there is a squirrel in your attic. The noise will usually give it away before anything else, a rustling you can hear in the early morning, and then again just when the sun goes down. This is when the animals are most active, and they'll be entering and leaving your home to search for food. For the most part, a squirrel in your attic will be a female with young, so there is a good chance you will hear her young also. The squirrel will find a tiny hole to gain entrance into your attic, using her sharp teeth and claws to make it bigger, until finally she can get in. From there, she may damage beams and other areas of your attic, and maybe even chew electrical wiring. You may hear this gnawing, and you may even start to notice damage yourself, especially if you do go into the attic and have a good look around. You may also smell the creature - after a while, the odor from urine and feces will soon start to become very strong, and this is also the case if you have a dead squirrel anywhere in your home.

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Many homeowners finds out the presence of squirrels in the3 homes after they have reside there for a long period of time, aside from that they end up dealing with lots of damages. However for you not to fall in that category, below are some of the ways that will help you detect the presence of squirrels in your house

Signs of squirrel presence in your attic
You will hear weird sounds in your home; this common noises you will hear are either jumping or scampering sounds, if you notice any of the above noises in the attic be rest assured they are present. Sometimes they might get stranded in the wall cavities so you will probably hear the noise of persistent scrabbling.

Most reported cases from homeowners are commonly when they hear scratching however if they are not stuck anywhere, they can stay unnoticed for a long period of time.

You will see squirrel droppings here and there; their droppings resemble that of a bat so if you are not keen you will not identify. When you see a pile of such droppings just contact a wildlife professional to come and identify to be 100% sure and accurate because there is also a high possibility of contracting salmonella if you are not watchful. On top of that also practice correct hygienic measures as well as cleanliness prior to handling their feces to be free from infections.

Damaged entry points; just like mice and raccoons, big numbers of people are not aware that squirrels can as well chew through any kind of material except if the material used to build a house includes metal. They are capable of chewing because their teeth are very strong although their entry points contain different features over some other wildlife's.

For example raccoons will build bigger holes, mice on the other hand will sneak through tiny holes but when it comes to squirrels its somehow different because they can get through invisible holes which when not inspected keenly, they cannot easily be seen.

You see interior damage; the most common area of a home which is normally affected with squirrel invasion is in your attic. This is because they find this specific place hospitable and friendly. What they normally do is tear up attic insulation, destroying it into pieces hence making it less operational.

You will start to hear a very bad odor of squirrel urine from The worn passage and their burrows will as well form an easy avenue of insects, bats and several pests will enter your house or rather make a leaky roof.

When a squirrel happens to die in your attic, it will not be a smell of urine anymore rather different odor because smell of a dead squirrel causes nausea and headache which perhaps the biggest danger. The longer they stay in your attic the higher the damages therefore act immediately you feel such smells.

Your shingles are chewed and ripped up; this wildlife are considered determined animals which is a fact reason being they can chew through a layer of shingles and gain entry into your attic to start nesting within a period of less than an hour. What's more if you use fragile steel blockades or screening to stop them, they will plug right through it over again.

These wildlife are a nuisance, when they get into your home or business premises, they will interfere with electric wiring hence causing serious damages to your property and also danger to the people. What's why immediately you suspect any sign of their presence order for instant removal to avoid more harm.

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