How to catch a squirrel with a snare pole

In some cases, regular traps and exclusion devices might not be your best option when it comes to getting rid of a rogue squirrel from your home. If the squirrel has fallen into the chimney flu, for example, and the flu is made from a smooth, metallic material, there is nothing for the squirrel to grip on to in order to clamber to the top and make its escape. You can try slipping a rope or piece of material down the flu to enable the squirrel to break free, or you could use a snare pole to make things quicker. This long pole can be extendable, and in the right hands, used the right way, could be just what you need to grab that little squirrel and enable it to make a bid for freedom. It's especially useful for a family of squirrels - a mother and her babies. If you are going to do this, however, you should make sure you are safe. If you are running around on the roof or in the attic, is there someone watching the ladder? Is there someone watching your back? Do you have everything you need to make sure you can do this safely and efficiently? This means thick rubber gloves and a decent-sized cage, not too big and not too small, and also something that will help you to get rid of any waste matter and residue left by the squirrel - urine and feces, etc. These are all things that can pose a risk long after the squirrel has gone, especially in the case of disease.

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A snare pole is one of the methods used to catch a squirrel. This approach can be compared directly to the snaring method used to catch the hares or rabbits; the only modification is that the studs of snare pole are clipped to the sides of the successive pole and are enduringly attached. The snare hoops are harnessed on hoops in a way that they can be fixed and as well be detached in seconds. The snare pole is a very kind of secretive device, the snares are attached to the wire hoops, but they aren't set in a position that they can catch the squirrel. This is to let the animal get used to the bait station, developed the boldness of even hiding in the pipe, sometimes after they have gained the courage, they will squabble with each other and in fact sometimes can be up to a dozen at a time present. At this moment you can set up as many baits as you can all over great woodland zone set nearby four traps on every pole. However, they are supposed to be placed at the back bait pipe and cling to the snares apart also set about four and a half meters high to the lowest of the snare ring.

With about around 30 bait locations, you are capable of catching up to a hundred squirrels in a single morning. You are supposed to check the stations at least two times a day. The Running poles are supposed to be positioned around pheasant suckling even if the bait positions aren't there, similarly you can lean the end from a shrub down to a pheasant feeder, fix a snare on it at an equivalent angle to the pole. Remember the squirrel are caught going upwards and set it in the correct position. Also, do not forget to use the two strands of stainless steel wire with a diameter of about the same as that of brass rabbit snare wire.

The system snare pole is very cheap; it is an effective way of controlling squirrels. Via this system, you can be able to catch them on a regular basis. The thin snares aren't possible to perceive and are precise operative in the accurate hands. If you happen to misplace a snare maybe to robbery, you are a collection of pennies short. However, there are other distinct components which may utilize for bait stations over the running poles like a square or round plastic tree barks, square water bottles and empty milk cartons. One the commodities are averted, do not dispose of the containers. You should use the container and cut off on both ends to prevent the grains from spilling off. Irrespective of the container type you use, for a bait set it's always good to paint some green or brown paint on their surfaces, this helps to it to blend to woo woodland surrounding.

In some countries, the squirrel has turned into a serious little pest which causes a lot of damage to the mature hardwoods and as well as the houses. However, there are a different kind of squirrel, and it happens that the squirrel around you, are the red squirrel, do not ever use this snare pole method you are supposed to use the cage traps.

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