What to do about a squirrel under the porch

You have a few options open to you when you have a squirrel under the porch, but there are a few things you should definitely not waste your money on. Mothballs and ammonia, for example, do not work to repel or deter squirrels, and the same can be said for high pitch frequency sound devices, and light machines also. You could try using wildlife eviction fluid, which has been shown to have some positive results in some cases, but it is not a fool-proof plan. It can persuade a mother squirrel to move her youngsters, believing there is a predator threatening the safety of her family nearby. You may also want to consider using hot / spicy sauce. This has been shown (rarely) to prevent squirrels from gnawing on wood and other materials, and may encourage them to move away from the cozy spot under the porch. If the area under your porch is open, you may want to consider sealing it off to prevent this problem from happening again. And it might - the urine of squirrels has been known to attract other squirrels, and if it's a safe and secure nesting place, other animals will want to set up home there too. Securing the area is a great way to ensure no further creatures can cause you a problem, and could be as simple as using steel mesh around the open spaces.

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If you have squirrel living under your pouch, you can decide to leave it to stay there undisturbed. Whenever you can, you should leave the animal to say undisturbed when they are not a threat or a bother. When you worry about the encounter of the squirrels and your pets, you can start by walking outside for sometime before you let the dog or cat out since the squirrels will run away. When you have small dogs, you should attend to them before you let them out mostly during the night.

If you have decided to get rid of the squirrels under your porch, then you should try to know where the squirrels are getting access to enter into your home. You should not block such access if you are not sure if the animals have left the porch or the deck safely. You can put a loud talk radio on for 24 hours to make the animal to go away. You may also use flashing large bulb Christmas lights and strobe lights to chase them away. You should not try to put your hands into the hole if the squirrels have dug it. When the squirrel leaves, you should not block its access at once since it may have left the babies inside and it may come back to get them. Continue to light the lights and to let the radio on for 24 hours after the squirrel has left to make sure that it does not come back. Put the sand and the floor near the area to see if there are no footprints of the squirrels trying to come inside. If it is not possible to do the repair at once, you should have mesh cloth over the opening while waiting to have permanent repair.

When the porch and deck has a lattice on it, you should remove it and install the hardware cloth before you can reinstall it.

Sometime, you may not be aware of where the animals are using to gain access under the porch. You can try to see if there are no open holes, spaces or any dug hole. You can inspect the entire area to see if you can locate access point but you should not block it if you are not sure if the animal is outside.

If you have squirrels under your pouch, they can turn to be difficult in managing. They can be a nuisance to you and to the neighbors. If there are more than just one squirrel under the deck, you will be having more nuisance problems. Sometime they can enter into your home and they may end up getting trapped there.

The squirrels can leave feces and droppings which may carry the diseases like leptospirosis and salmonella. This is why it is not a good idea to let the squirrels live under the porch permanently.

The first step to make sure that you do not get the squirrels at your home is to reduce the water and food that attract the squirrels at your home. You can clean and make sure that your place is clean and free of food smell. When you have done this, you should see where there are holes where the squirrels may use to enter in the porch. You may install a one way exclusion device near entry holes to make sure that when the squirrels go out, they fail to come back inside.

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