Do more squirrels live in urban areas, or wild areas?

There are very few "wild" areas for squirrels these days, and that's why you're more likely to spot them in the urban areas. It is in these urban areas that food is most prevalent, and these animals are scavengers - they'll follow the food, and they'll eat pretty much anything also. If you spot large clumps of pushed-together leaves and twigs high up in trees, there's a good chance you've spotted a squirrels nest, but these days you'll be more likely to find the nest in your attic. This space provides everything a mother squirrel needs to ensure her young family is kept safe. Chimneys are another popular area for these rascal rodents, and it's when the squirrel has entered your home that you'll find yourself with some rather annoying problems. They'll be noisy animals, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night - the mother will go out to find food for her young, and the babies will be crying out for something to eat. You may also hear rustling noises, and even gnawing noises if your room is particularly quiet. That's when you should call in the professionals to help you seal your home from these wild animal invasions, and make sure the problem never returns again.

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Squirrels are found around the world in most all the continents but Antarctica and Australia. Tree squirrels like to live in the wooded place because they like to live in the trees. The ground squirrels turn to the burrows and they dig system of tunnels under the ground where they live. Squirrels may hibernate together in the burrow in the winter so that they can be warm.

Flying squirrels make the homes in the nests and holes which have been built in the branches and crooks. The flying squirrels spread muscle membrane between the body and legs that may glide at the air. They may glide over 160 feet or 48 m and this makes them to look as if they are flying. The squirrels may eat at least a pound of food each week and some people may think that they only eat the nuts but this not the true. The squirrels are normally omnivores and they eat meat and plants. Squirrels may eat fruits, nuts, seeds and fungi. They can eat small animals, caterpillars, small insects and eggs.

The squirrels may choose to live near the cities even if it is not wilderness compared to living in the wild. The squirrels look cute and they have large eyes with flappy skin which enables them gliding but not flying from one tree to another. It is hard to see the squirrels during the day since they are nocturnal and they stay in the trees where they can be camouflaged. When you walk in evening, you can be luck to run in one but if you have food or fruits tree nearby, you can easily see them. There are people who maintain roosting boxes so that the squirrels can come to huddle together during winter to get warmth. Every evening since December until March, the people may put the peanuts butter around to attract the squirrels.

If there are no owls near your home, it is easy to see squirrels visiting you for the garbage can or at the feeder. The urban environment may exert pressure on the squirrels and they may adapt to new behavior. The urban squirrels can live at any latitude as far as it supports the human dwellings. The squirrels may search in the human trash to get the food they want.

The animals are now going to high lengths for living in the human territory. It is believed that the animals move to live in the city because they are being displaced in their normal habitat because of climate change or habitat destructions. However, this is just a part of the entire explanation. The reasons can be that there are now many squirrels than before because of the conservation efforts of keeping these animals alive. As more cities are made greener, they became attractive to both animals and humans. People also are more tolerant to the squirrels and other animals which make them to feel safe around the people. Before, there was a great chance for the animals to be shot when they are seen around but now the animals can live and survive in the city without feeling under pressure of hiding away from humans. Even if the squirrels may keep away from the people often, it is also possible for humans and animals to run in each which may lead to conflict. There may also be conflict between pets and predators.

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