What attracts squirrels?

A number of things will attract squirrels to your home, but the number one thing these opportunistic feeders are looking for is food. If you are making food readily available, it won't just be a squirrel problem you'll have on your hands - other animals will start to join the party, including raccoons, opossums, skunks, snakes, rats, mice, and more. Bird feeders are often the worst culprits, but you can buy specially designed feeders that work to keep squirrels out now. You can also modify your bird feeder, or just hang it in better places, to ensure squirrels can't get to the food inside. Having a home that is well-maintained and inspected will ensure squirrels aren't attracted to your property also. These creatures are looking for holes, cracks, and crevices to tear open and break into. We are cutting down their own natural habitats after all. These animals needs homes just as much as we humans do, but they're starting to run out of space. By keeping your home well-kept, you can be sure that damage is spotted as early as possible, and it can be repaired BEFORE an animal breaks into it, and not afterwards. You can't stop squirrels from coming into your yard, and you definitely can't stop them from investigating your home, but you can stop them from getting in, and that's what puts you one step ahead of the smart critters.

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In case you are a squirrel fan this one is for you. There are a lot of things you can do are possess in your home as a way of attracting these creatures to your home. They can be found in both urban and rural areas and the best thing is that people who really love these animals actually do exist. Your home must be exciting for these animals to consider coming back again.

They love nuts and having different kinds of nuts on your windows or on your compound could make them your frequent visitors. Make sure your home feels like a forest to them. There should be some bushes and trees that help in creating that kind of atmosphere. They will keep on coming back if that is your goal and what you are looking forward into achieving.

It is not a must you pour nuts in your compound how about thinking of having the actual trees that produce nuts and these animals could find a shelter in there. The negative part to that could be the fact that they will interfere with your usual schedules. It will of course start with one squirrel but with time these trees could attract many more.

Water is life to almost all animals and it can also attract squirrels as long as it is fresh and clean. Focus on having different trays full of water around your compound in case you want to attract these animals. You might also attract other rodents but if the other products on your compound are for squirrels they will be the majority when it is hot.

In case you want to bring them into the woods somewhere closer to your home you can create boxes and fill them with foods. Make sure there are a lot of sunflower seeds and give them a lot of peanut butter. It may not be healthy but it is definitely a way to make them keep on coming back. In case you just enjoy watching them buy corn as it is their favorite meals.

Do not consider using meat as a way of attracting tem as that is never their main food they only turn to that when they lack an option. Some people consider knowing this information so that they can find a way of keeping them off their birds' food. Build for them somewhere special they they will automatically be coming to when they come to your compound.

One should be prepared of the consequences. Having these animals around means that they might dig your compound trying to hide their food. If you have things you treasure like flowers or trees this would be a bad idea for you. In case you have nothing to lose you can get these items that attract them. Also remember they can bring diseases and pests and also end up eating your fence.

However attracting these animals also has consequences. If you want to know what attracts them so as to keep them off now you know and if you want to keep them coming you also have tips. The most important thing for one to remember is that if you want them in your compound you, must keep your dogs and cats away otherwise they will prevent them from coming.

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