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Steps to make your own one-way door

Many people ask me how to build a one-way funnel to get the squirrels out. It's not easy on a first try, and there might be some failures - if you do it wrong, or at the wrong time of year, you might end up with the disaster of squirrels that are stuck inside, that frantically chew wood, wire, or the drywall right into your house, and if they don't get out, they die and rot and stink. So if you're going to do it, do it right!

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How to make one way funnel doors to get squirrels out of a house - To make a one way funnel door for exclusion or traps you will need to access the size of the hole that is going to hook into the funnel. The basic idea behind a one way door is that an animal can exit the building but cannot turn around and go back inside. This is accomplished by using a wire funnel or a spring-loaded door. The funnel method allows a critter to push their way through a tube constructed of wire mesh or a similar substance.

Buy half inch, or better yet, quarter inch hardware cloth. Roll it into a tube, maybe 8 inches long. The end of the tube is angles inward and has pointed edges, usually the ends of the wire. Leave flanges on the attachment end, so you can bolt it to the building. Architecture can be tricky. Sometimes you can screw it in, sometimes you have to seal it in with sealant.

When a squirrel or rat pushes their way through, the wire ends come back together behind them. Holes that have a spring-loaded door act in similar fashion to a pet door (only the nuisance animal can’t go back inside). The door is larger than the hole. Any animal exiting can push through to the outside only to have the door spring shut, completely sealing the opening off. Your springs will need to be strong enough to resist the efforts of a determined pest animal. One way door traps are not to be used without caution. Sometimes there is no other way to get an animal out of the home, but keep in mind that a lot of these animals have infants while they live inside of the building. One way door trapping is best done when babies are old enough to venture out with the mother.

I believe that nuisance wildlife should always be dealth with humanely. But the methods are not always so cut-and-dry. Read more on my about David Seeveld page.

Please be kind to squirrels! They are intelligent animals, and believe it or not, they definitely have emotions!
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