Wildlife Education - Squirrel Bait - What Lure or Food to Use to Trap and Catch Squirrels?

Squirrel Bait

What is the best bait to use to catch squirrels in a cage trap? The short answer is that you spread peanut butter on the trap pan, and then stick a few whole peanuts, in the shell, onto the peanut butter. Put a few peanuts behind the trigger pan as well, just in case, and maybe a peanut or two at the front to the trap, to help lure it in. You really don't need any other bait than that.

NOTE: I have received so many requests for professional help with squirrels, that I have made this complete listing of hundreds of professional squirrel removal experts serving every city in the USA.

Okay then, I've told you what bait to use. But that will be of little use to you. There are at least a dozen factors that are more important than type of bait when it comes to successfully trapping squirrels and solving a squirrel problem. The type of trap, and the location, are far more important. In fact, I hardly ever actually bait a trap at all. That's because the majority of the time, I'm mounting a trap or a one-way exclusion door right on the squirrels entry/exit hole into the house or building. There's a lot that goes into it. Luckily, I've written full instructions. Read my squirrel trapping guide for all the information you need to trap squirrels successfully. Because you are a first-timer though, and don't have access to all of the proper traps and equipment and most importantly knowledge of the situation, you may want to hire a pro for any squirrel problem, particularly if the squirrel is inside an attic or house.

In some cases, squirrels are stuck inside an attic or house or wall or soffit, and are very stubborn and unwilling to come out. That is a problem that wildlife trappers sometimes face. The squirrel starts to get thirsty. In this case, using fruit as bait - oranges are a great choice - can actually lure the squirrel out, because it can detect moisture in the fruit, and it's thirsty.

Lots of baits work: sunflower seeds, bird seed, all kinds of nuts, from walnuts to almonds, etc, and lots of types of fruit, like apples or cherries, and even sweets, such as marshmallows. But really, nothing is going to do better than peanut butter and whole peanuts in shell, so why bother messing around?

Please be kind to squirrels! They are intelligent animals, and believe it or not, they definitely have emotions!
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