Will repellents get a squirrel out of the chimney?

Wildlife eviction fluid is the only repellent on the market that will have any luck at getting rid of a squirrel in the chimney, but this is only if the squirrel itself can actually get out. You must first check this - if the inside of your flu is a smooth, metal surface, the animal will have nothing to grip on to in order to pull itself to freedom. If the animal is not stuck and is down there of its own accord, the eviction fluid, made up of urine and secretions from male foxes, can be effective at encouraging it to move along. If a female squirrel feels her family is threatened, she will move it to safety. If that's the case, the problem will have moved along, and all that's left for you to do is seal up those holes to ensure the animal can't come back. Other repellents, such as high frequency noise devices, radio devices, and light / light devices generally do not work. Why would they? The squirrel is living in your home, so it's already pretty comfortable with human sounds. Not only that, squirrels are active during the day, so the fact the light is on won't make much of a difference. If anything, the light will just encourage the little critter to find a deeper part of your home to rest its head, and then you could find yourself with even bigger problems on your hands.

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Squirrels enjoy living in the chimneys. You might think your chimney is a very small place for such animal to live in but to them it's very big just like a hollow tree. Squirrels are one of the best climbers and they can hike very fast.

Due to the fact that these wildlife animals are very common in urban places, they frequently climb onto people's homes as well as other structures in pursue of a nice place to create a nest therefore if they fine an open chimney, Its will automatically be s secure place for the female squirrel to build their nest. They will climb inside, construct a nest and then grow a huge population of baby squirrels because they give birth twice in a year.

Now back to the main topic, will repellents really help eliminate squirrels in the chimney? well to some extend they do help. And below are some of the squirrel repellents you can use.

Ultrasonic repellents; these animals don't like human voices so use a radio, tune it to a talk station that they may continually hear peoples noises and make sure its loud enough to reach them however it can be limited to those who are already familiar with human voices and those that have babies.

These ultrasonic repellents can cause them become uncomfortable and start panic which can force them to move to a more peaceful place. Another advantage is that it may also disturb other unnoticed animals in your home and can cause them to leave as well.

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Commercial squirrel repellents; visit store shops and buy chemical or natural squirrel repellents and use then according to the instructions in the label and pay much attention to the squirrel nesting places in the chimney.

Animal repellents; use that which is made by use of predator urine and the most usual one used is fox spray which is found in several supply outlets. It's just a non-toxic product that aims at the squirrels self-preservation and senses of smell. When you use it in the chimney, they will try to keep off.

These squirrel repellents are not expensive and can easily be accessed and apart from being harmless, there are countless benefits of squirrel repellents which include the following;

They are friendly to the environment and when applied professionally, they can neither harm people, the vegetation nor pests

Apart from squirrels there is as well other wildlife animals that intrude on your homes such as rats therefore these repellents help keep other rodents off as well.

Squirrel repellents cannot be compared to mosquito repellent which last for a very short period of time therefore their durability is also a good benefit.

It's not difficult to use squirrel repellents, they are simple and quick to use as in they come in form of spray or powder form so your work is just to sprinkle or spray in the chimney and other areas of your home.

Even if squirrel repellents have so much benefits and advantages, studies still state there is no factual prove to its effectiveness when it comes to eradicating squirrels in both the chimney. This is because there are companies that are manufacturing fake products just steal people's money in the name of selling the best squirrel repellents therefore contact professionals to come and advice and help you if there is a squirrel in the chimney.

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