How do I clean squirrel feces out of my attic?

Squirrel feces can bring with it the threat of disease, particularly salmonella poisoning and leptospirosis. Neither of these conditions are particularly pleasant, and they tend to affect those with a weakened immune system, and also minors and the elderly, particularly badly. This threat of disease can be present long after the animal itself has been evicted, and that's why you should take great care to deal with the entire squirrel problem - including the waste matter it leaves behind. Even the smallest of squirrel home invasions can leave quite a lot of mess behind, and this will start to smell after a while, particularly in the warmer weather. To get rid of this, you should use a filter vacuum to ensure you have picked up all the pieces, big and small. Any wall or attic insulation that has come into contact with the urine and feces should be taken away and destroyed, replacing as and where necessary. You should use a steam cleaner (where possible), and a strong cleanser, preferably anti-bacterial. This will get rid of the disease spores, as well as any other present bacteria. The point of doing this is to get rid of the entire problem, and the waste matter of the animal is a very big part of the problem. Not just the feces containing the threat of disease, the urine contains pheromones, and this will signal to other squirrels, and also other wild animals, that your home is easy to break into. One problem could soon become a multiple-animal problem, and a very big problem indeed!

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Once squirrels infest your area it is difficult to get rid of them depending on which type you are dealing with. Make sure you have the right protective wear when cleaning up to ensure that in case there are diseases you do not contact them. Flying squirrels come in groups therefore it is easy to know what you are dealing with and devise the best method and best way forward.

Having protection on is the first step before cleaning up the mess. Make sure you do not try touching the waste while removing it since you might get infected. In case it is the first time make sure you have consulted an expert to give you a guideline on the things that you must have in mind. On the other end you can focus on hiring someone to do the work for you.

The dirt depends on how long the squirrels have been there. The longer they have stated the more the feces so you might find both fresh and dried up feces. Make sure after cleaning the area you disinfect it if you want to keep your family safe from diseases. It also helps in taking the odor away therefore making the environment conducive for everyone.

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There are some enzyme sprays that are known to keep these animals away however they do not work all the time. Therefore make sure you do not spend a lot of money on buying these products as they might backfire on you. That is why it is important to seek help from someone who really knows so that you understand what you are dealing with.

It might not work when you apply just once in some cases you might be required to applying again after the place has been cleaned and dried. Inspect the area well because these animals do not work like cats they use any place they find to dispose of their waste. If you want you can consider painting the place just in as it also helps in covering the odor.

These animals follow trails of smell and that is how they are able to remember where they hide their nuts long ago. If there are some foods they stored in youth attic you have to remove that too together with the waste otherwise more animals will keep on coming back. Your nose should be well covered such that you do not inhale any particles that might cause breathing issues.

Make sure you contain these animals before the problem becomes bigger. Thoroughly inspect your house to make sure there will be no place will be no corner left untouched. You can use bleach as it helps get rid of feces matter totally. The best time to do the work is at night because during the day the animals are very active not unless you want your work to go to waste.

The important to identify if the feces you are dealing with since it is easy to confuse squirrel feces with those of other rodents. That is how people end up contacting diseases by picking up these feces imaging that it is not harmful. In case you have handled some feces that you are not sure belonged to which animal and you are having fever seek medical attention soonest possible.

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