How to get rid of flying squirrel

Flying squirrels, like most other wild animals that invade your home, are best dealt with using exclusion methods. This will involve applying a one-way door, of sorts, that allows the animal to exit your home. The door doesn't open the other way, however, so when the flying squirrel tries to get back in, it can't. This encourages it to find a new home naturally, without needing to resort to drastic measures. And by these, we mean killing and poisoning. Neither of these methods work, mostly because a squirrel in the attic will almost always be a female with babies in tow. If you kill the mother, you will then need to deal with the babies. You might not even though they are there, and you won't do until they have died, unable to feed for themselves, and you will start to smell their decomposing bodies. The easiest way to get rid of flying squirrels is to prevent them from ever getting into your home in the first place. You can install fences to a certain degree, but this isn't a fool-proof way of keeping them out. These wild animals will always be interested in the places that we call home, and if you allow damage to get worse and build up on your property, the animal will eventually try to gain access at some point. Killing, trapping, or poisoning an animal might seem like a really good idea at the time, but you won't have solved the problem. With holes and damage still on the exterior of the property, other wild animals can still invade.

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The methods used to get rid of these animals are similar to the ones used on any other species. They all cause the same kind of harm therefore if one is not careful your compound could be destroyed fully. Since they are small it means that they can keep invading your property as many times as possible. Setting a trap may not be the final solution.

In case you have identified the place they are getting into your compound through make sure that you cover those holes on your fence. Proper fencing can only be done if one has identified the specific areas where they enter through. When they do not have access to your property they will definitely not fly in. make sure you do not keep foods that attract them.

Due to their ability to jump onto the next tree do not underestimate their chance of jumping onto a branch that is near your house. If you ceiling has some openings they will definitely gain access and could end up eating everything you have stored and carrying some for future purposes. Ensure that all ventilations should be sealed in a way they cannot get in.

Through exclusion one ensures that the place they are using to access the area is sealed. There should be no spaces big enough for the animal to fit in. if there are any holes that could have been chewed by these animals they should be covered. One also needs to create an exit plan whereby there is a funnel wide at the top but narrows downwards so that the animal does not get back in.

Most people believe that trapping is the best method to increase your chances of catching the animal. When setting the traps make sure you know the one that ids most effective and also learn on the tips of how to set it up. Before setting it up you can actually set it up so0mewhere where these animals pass and make sure they it will not shut when they are inside.

The trick helps the animals take the trip to be some sort of a friendly thing. When you set the trap it will be easy for the animal to get inside since it has already believed in the object. These flying squirrels are mainly found in the space between the ceiling and the roof. For a trap to work one must use the right bait to lure the animal meaning the food must be appetizing.

After catching it alive one is required to take it to a different location where it can still survive. The goal of trapping is not exactly killing but keeping these animals away from your property. If you want to keep it and move it within your compound ask for permission from the local authority but chances are it will still come back inside.

Some people prefer using repellents like sound since it makes the animal avoid that area. They cause some irritation therefore make sure it is not too strong that it can harm the animal. Your goal should be to drive it away at the same time protecting its rights. It needs to live and if you feel like your property is not the real place to be drive it away nicely.

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