How to kill flying squirrels

If you want to get rid of these animals effectively, you shouldn't kill flying squirrels. In fact, while we're on the subject, you shouldn't kill any wild animal you encounter on your property. Even rats and mice respond poorly to rodent poison, and there are no poisons out there safe to use, or registered to be used on animals such as flying squirrels. The only way to deal with a flying squirrel problem is to use a one-way door to allow the animal to get back out and not back in again. You will then need to combine that with sealing methods - looking around your home for the weak areas the flying squirrels entered though before sealing them shut. You will need to use strong materials such as steel mesh to prevent the animals from gnawing their way back in again, and you will also want to consider performing these repairs in such a way that they are aesthetically pleasing on the outside - all things you will need to consider. You can look at using live cage traps to resolve the flying squirrels problem, but these animals are well-known for being difficult to capture, and you may find that a lot of your efforts go in vain. With animals as complicated as flying squirrels, and with all the legalities that foes into dealing with these wild animals, we would highly recommend that you leave it to the professionals to get the job done. We can remove the entire group of flying squirrels without needing to inure any of them, and without needing to resort to poisons or death also.

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Killing an animal that you see as a threat should not be the way to go. No one has the right to take a life and if you kill an animal you are breaking the law. However flying squirrels can be nuisance to humans due to the noises they produce and the destruction they cause. In some states in America these animals are not protected from being killed.

When they try to force their way trying to pass in as domestic animals makes people want to kill them. There are several ways of killing these animals when need be. One can shoot at it when you see it especially if you live in rural areas. In urban areas shooting is illegal as you might end up injuring someone therefore if you are in rural areas take advantage.

These animals are quick therefore shooting once does not actually mean you hit the animal as it could just get injured or escape narrowly. Also with shooting it is hard to focus since they come in groups thus shooting to kill becomes more difficult. Shooting could just be waste of time since it is not guaranteed instead one is just trying to be lucky.

Traps can be used to capture animals live and therefore they are big enough to accommodate it however those meant to kill barely have a breathing space. If you plan on killing the animal do not focus on using a trap since it is hard to find most of them on the ground where one should set a trap. When you set a trap in the attic area you will end up killing one while the rest escape.

It means that the problem is never really solved and they can always attack again and again. Poisoning has been a solution for a long time. Some people go to an extent of poisoning rats so that the squirrels can feed on them and die. However the worst thing about using poison is the fact that other animals too are in a position to access the poison.

The wrong animal might end up dying while it was not the intended culprit. Poison does not kill instantly as these animals have to moan from pain before they can take their final breathes. That means that they will want to go to the place where they feel safe. In case they were used to living in your attic they will go back there to die as it feels safe.

Trying sealing off their entries instead of killing. There will be a lot of carcasses all over and the law will catch up with you in case you have exceeded the number of animals allowed to be killed per session. What everyone must realize is that the best thing would be to deal with an issue from the core. Work closely with animal control department to keep their track.

It can be a problem that most people will have to deal with for a long time. However killing is never a solution to anything and just like they say killing the message does not kill the story. Therefore after you are done killing that specific breed more and more will come to infest your home. Thus the cycle keeps on going on and on.

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