Will repellents get flying squirrels out of the attic?

There are very few repellents that will work to keep any wild animal out of your attic, the flying squirrel being just one of them. These are animals that are getting quite used to living alongside us, particularly in our homes, so the regular light and noise machines that you would once have relied on are virtually pointless. They're definitely a total waste of your hard earned cash. Take the high frequency sound machines, for example. They're meant to be inaudible to the human ear, but some people can actually hear them. Then you have the cost of them - not only will you have paid out for this device itself, you will then need to pay out for the electricity it costs to run it, or the batteries you'll need to keep throw in it. That's money you could have just put to better use with a fully licensed and insured wildlife control expert, and you wouldn't have wasted your precious time then too. Light and noise machines aside, mothballs and ammonia don't work as repellents these days either. Some people swear by them, and they seem to be a popular "old wives tale" for getting rid of various wild animals, but they just don't work. Ammonia is also very dangerous, and could prove toxic and potentially fatal to your household, and also other animals, including the family dog!

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Flying Squirrels are called this because of their ability for gliding through the air and making it seem as though they are flying. This ability is the result of a parachute-like membrane that stretches from their waist to their feet on either side of their body. Like their other cousins, flying squirrels are governed by the instinct to nest and raise their young at the appropriate times of the year. If they do not have a forest setting full of trees or other usual nesting areas like hollow logs around, they will gladly move in to your attic space. It is near to food and water, is dry, and provides a sense of security. If you discover flying squirrels living in your attic, you may not want kill them, but you know they must be removed.

You have probably seen ads for the many you flying squirrel repellents on the market today, and are wondering if they really work. Let us save you time and money...NO THEY DO NOT!! Trying to use these will only frustrate you when the flying squirrels in your attic seem to be laughing at you. Let me repeat- There are no flying squirrel repellents on the market today that are effective. It does not matter if it is a magical device, some crazy light up machine, or an all-natural elixir, oil or powder. Nothing in this genre of curatives is going to make those pushy flying squirrels jump up and instantly vacate your attic. You will not find anything that works instantly hiding in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room that will magically eradicate squirrels just because you sprinkle it around the room.

Lots of DIY articles talk about using spices and herbs, soaps and preservatives, household chemicals, or common laundry products to irritate your flying squirrels and make them move. Lots of folks believe that machines with high pitched noises, bright lights, sonic emitters, or dancing Mylar strips will drive them away. This is just not true. These types of machines are more likely to drive you and your household crazy than to bother the flying squirrels. There is only one way for you to effectively eradicate a flying squirrel infestation. Lay down and follow a foolproof plan to remove these pests. Consulting with a professional service is the best way to assure success.

You must first determine that it is a FLYING SQUIRREL problem, and not some other type of animal(s). Sightings are the best way. Look for the comings and goings of the flying squirrels.

Identify the areas of access for the flying squirrels. Look closely for tell-tale signs around entryways like the piles of dropping and greasy marks they leave as they come and go. Make sure to identify all the flying squirrel's entrances and exits to the attic space.

Once you have proof that you do have flying squirrels in your attic, observe their movements. Especially the time of day your guests leave and return (usually dusk and dawn). This is when you want to strike. Pick a day to put your plan in motion, and wait for the flying squirrels to leave. Be sure they have all gone, then seal up every opening you have found before they return. Upon return they realize they cannot get in, and they will have to find another place to set up housekeeping. Make sure that you have looked for nests of babies before you seal it up!

Taking defensive measures to assure that another group of squirrel does not move in once these are gone. A professional animal removal service is your best bet for good advice and continued care.

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