How to trap or exclude flying squirrels

One-way doors or exclusion methods are the preferred methods when looking at how to trap or exclude flying squirrels. Trapping them isn't advisable. The cages can injure their little bodies, especially when they panic and start throwing themselves around, and then you'll have the relocation problem to deal with. You will need to ensure you are driving this creature far enough away that it can't come back and create another problem for you, while at the same time ensuring you find somewhere the animal can thrive. For the record, relocated animals rarely survive when they are released into the wild. This is because you are removing them from their source of safety and shelter, as well as their sources of food and water. Without those things, they will soon become hungry and weak, and this means they won't be able to take care of themselves. They won't be able to find shelter, and this puts them at risk of falling prey to bigger predators. It will have made your extensive trapping and releasing program pointless. With exclusion methods, the flying squirrels have no choice but to find a new home of their own accord, but it will be close to the old sources of food and water, so it will know the area relatively well. Every little helps when it comes to these animals. We've taken away most of the areas they would naturally live in the wild, and now they have no chance but to invade our homes.

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Capturing these small animals can be a tiring task especially when you have no idea on how and where to set the trap but getting a few guidelines will make you an expert. The best way is to begin by setting up a pre-bait. This is whereby you keep the trap so that the animal can familiarize itself with this object. The strategy helps them to gain confidence such that when the trap is set they can automatically enter.

When you notice that this is becoming a bother what you need to do is come up with safer ways of removing this animal away from your property. If the problem is so serious you can contact a professional to come and trap the animal. They stay in groups therefore finding one means there are many more that are waiting for you somewhere in a corner.

The bait one uses on the trap matters. It has to be something edible and what they love to eat like sunflower sees. Then they should be placed deeply on the inside so that it becomes easy for it to be stick in. however the trap used should make sure the animal is captured alive. Being the smallest they end up being the hardest animals to catch therefore know the exact trap that can work on them.

It should be a trap that can fit the animal alive. It can have one or two doors depending on how effective you want it to be. In case you are professional you are sure you are not trying your luck that means one door kinds trap works. One is required to use a two-door trap in case they are not sure and want to increase their chances of catching this notorious animal.

Once you have a plan know the best place to have it located. You should have mastered the path these animals use daily so it will be easier to catch the squirrel. Use something that they cannot easily pick and run away. Something like peanuts can be snatched faster and it disappears however using solid bait will work since the animal will be struggling trying to pull the item.

Once the trap is set you must be checking it often to see if the animal has been caught. Once it is in the trap do not offer to carry it out without having the necessary protective wear. Make sure you take them far away from your property. They should be in a location where they can still carry out their activities without anything being destroyed.

You can exclude these animals in that the space they were getting in through is totally sealed. There should be no way to enter just to exceed. When using traps they should be in a place you can tell what is going on and you can actually see what is going on. Make sure you are familiar with the laws because to avoid harming endangered species.

Controlling these animals can be a challenging job therefore make sure your home is inspected daily to prevent infestation by these creatures. Ensure that the traps you use to remove these animals are safe. However remember that this is not a long term effect since if they are many trapping them becomes an issue.

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