How to use a one-way funnel to get squirrels out of a building

A one-way funnel is often the preferred method when trying to get squirrels out of a building, mostly because it's the safest and most humane way of dealing with the problem for all parties involved. The idea is to create a funnel so that the squirrel can get out of your home or building, but it can't get back in. You will seal up all the entrance points the creature was using, and eventually it gives up and moves on to bug someone else. By using this method - one-way funnels and sealing - you can be sure that you're tackling the problem head-on, and dealing with all aspects of the problem too. Repellents and deterrents don't work, and even when they do, they'll only work for a brief spell of time before the problem returns. If the squirrel doesn't return, it'll be another wild animal in its place, and that's all because you didn't seal up those holes - sealing-up is the only way to really deal with a wild animal control problem. Also, using these funnels to get the squirrels out is only the smallest part of the problem. Those squirrels will have more than likely ripped through materials in your home with sharp teeth and claws - soffits and fascias, window vents, the siding outside your home, attic insulation, electrical wiring, and that's before you face the disease threat that often comes with these animals. Removing wild animals from a building isn't the easiest task in the world, but it can't be done. You just need to know how to do it, and hopefully we've given you a little more information on how to do just that.

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Getting rid of squirrels is challenging because most approaches of rodent control are not effective on squirrels. They may pay no attention to live traps, poison is usually futile, and then they are not bothered by light and sound too. The only ideal solution for getting rid of squirrels out of the building is one-way funnel or exclusion trap. They are easily concealed from the squirrel since they appeal to its usual snooping by looking like just a crawlspace.

Before setting a one-way funnel Inspect your home for entry points. Aspects around the attic or any other area where you have heard a squirrel scrambling then find out their entrance. If you find there are more than one hole then block all but one which is the main. As a result, the squirrel will only have one way to enter and exit. Lock up some pieces of hardware cloth around the holes using a staple gun to block those holes.

The existing hole made by the squirrel use as the entrance to the trap, so the squirrel does not sense any danger. A one-way funnel requires no bait, poison, or even any great tools to function. It is the best method to use if you have squirrels in your Pennsylvania attic, vent or even your ceiling because it will channel them out of your building. It is a humane and therefore a safe way of squirrel removal. Professional Pittsburgh animal removal corporations mostly use this method.

It is very easy to make this funnel for you only need a hardware wire that rolled into a funnel shape. Use it to attach on the outside of your building using a wide opening which covers the existing hole that the squirrels use to enter your building. Make the narrow end large enough that the squirrel can escape the funnel, but o the other hand too small to re-enter. So that the minute a squirrel comes back, it will not be able to get in the building once again. The good thing about using these one-way funnels is you do not need to be very skillful to set this kind of squirrel removal trap. You only need to find the entrance as well as the exit point of squirrel into your building then mount the funnel exactly at the hole.

When you use the one-way funnel, you will be sure to catch only the squirrels and no other animals since the funnel are attached right to the hole that leads to where squirrels live. You need to set the trap when you are sure that the squirrels are in the building. It is also necessary to know while the squirrels are gone.

When you know the squirrels have left and you will also need to check whether there is a nest so that you can finish the work. Once the squirrels are gone permanently, it is vital to clean-up. Then remove the traps carefully and save them for future use. After you remove the traps, seal up the hole and repair it. After this is done, you can clean and clear the remains and feces from the attic area without worry of the squirrel will try to come back anytime soon. You can also consider spraying squirrel repellant in the area.

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