Home remedies to keep away squirrels and get rid of them

There are plenty of home remedies you can use to keep squirrels away, but we can't promise that any of them will actually work. For example, high frequency noise devices were once a big hit in the wildlife control world, but these have been shown to be completely ineffective, as have those bright light machines you may have noticed in the "deterrents and repellents" aisle. Squirrels are living alongside humans now. They have no natural habitat of their own. They're getting quite used to our noise and lights, so the ones you've just installed for their benefit is probably going to have no purpose. Instead, the running costs in electricity or batteries is just going to be a waste, as was the cost of the product in the first place. You will find that a lot of these deterrent / repellent-based ideas don't work, and ammonia and mothballs are two more you can add to the waste-of-money list. Spicy / hot sauce has been shown to stop certain animals chewing and gnawing on wood, squirrels being one of them, so you could consider using this. You could also consider using eviction fluid, which is a repellent made up of the urine of a male fox or raccoon. These are predators to the humble squirrel, and predators mean danger. When the squirrel smells this male predatory scent, the idea is that she gets scared and moves home of her own accord, not wanting to become dinner. Or wanting her family to become dinner either. At the end of it, the home remedies might be cheap (in some cases), and easy too, but they rarely work. If you want our advice, you'll call in the professionals! (That's us, by the way!)

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If you have a green and fertile yard or live near a woodsy outside area, you have probably seen "nuisance" wildlife. Usually these types of critters are searching out some easily accessible to food and water. Other times it is an obnoxious creature that will move in on you and try to take over your attic like the Squirrel. Squirrels are the most likely animal in the US to move in to your home and set up their nest. The common squirrel normally has its young in the late summer and again in early spring. They are happy to take over your attic, chimney air vent or any space that looks like it is safe and secure. To stop squirrels from moving in you should take certain precautions. Keep trees, bushes, and other things away from your house. They will use these like a ladder. Always pick up unattended pet food, and pick up any ripe product growing in your gardens. Eliminate standing source of water. Bird feeders should be squirrel proof, or kept out of reach.

Keep all brush or debris piles, stacks of wood, and over growth cleared out of your yard so there is nowhere for them to hide. Secure doors to any buildings, lofts, attics, and crawlspaces on your property, not just your house. Repair any cracks, holes, or openings you find on the exterior of your home immediately. Hardware cloth or other types of underpinning should be used around your porch and home as well as any other structures that can be accessed from underneath.

There are also many popular DIY Squirrels removal/keep away techniques found on the internet and passed down from family members. Most techniques of this type revolve around making the Squirrel's chosen nesting spot as uninviting as possible. Bright lights or strobe units, as well as loud noises like radios, horns, or fireworks are supposed to drive squirrels away. Old-school remedies that can be found in your kitchen or laundry room like ammonia, camphor, cinnamon, lavender, crushed hot pepper, or mothballs spread around the area frequented by squirrels is said to drive them away. Letting your dog(s) patrol the area often and allowing your children to play outside is hailed as a deterrent too. The main objective is to destroy the squirrel's sense of security and light up its dark and peaceful environment making it move on. The goal is to make your house and property a place where no self respecting squirrels would want to live or nest. Once you are sure the area is cleared of all Squirrels, keep up your vigilance.

Frequently police the area as best you can. Remove any trash or debris left by the Squirrel. Keep your underpinning and trimmed trees in good repair. Inspect your batten board, skirting, and frequently to keep the animals out. Fencing around your home and gardens is another viable way to be rid of Squirrels and other nuisance animals. Make your fence sturdy with strong poles. It is a good idea to have the top flare away from your yard a bit to keep out critters that climb (like the Squirrel). Bury your fence 4 to 6 inches in the ground as, some Squirrels like to dig. A local wildlife and animal removal service is the best way to solve squirrel problems without any hassle on your part! These professionals will discuss your options and carry out the plan tailored to your needs.

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