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Although I wrote everything I know about squirrel issues for this website, oftentimes a problem with squirrels in the attic is beyond the scope of the do-it-yourself homeowner to solve. We have a professional squirrel expert in Las Vegas, Nevada that handles problems with wildlife. We have the tools, techniques, and experience that help us do a far better job at wildlife removal than a non-experienced homeowner could. We possess licensing that allows us to do certain types of work legally, that non-licensed homeowners in the state of Nevada are not allowed to do. For the welfare of your situation, and the squirrels, in some cases it's best to hire a pro.

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Las Vegas Squirrel Control If you have a squirrel problem in Clark County Nevada, or any other conflict with a wild animal, I am confident that we can solve it. Unlike other Las Vegas pest control companies or Las Vegas squirrel exterminators, we use humane methods of squirrel control, such as prevention, exclusion, or live squirrel trapping and relocation. We specialize in the removal of rodents and other animals from homes, especially squirrels in the attic or eaves. If you hear noises in your attic, or see chewing on your wood or wires, or have a nest or feces in your attic, we can solve your problem.

Call us any time at 702-577-2880 for a price quote and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. We use humane methods when dealing with Las Vegas wildlife removal situations, especially squirrel removal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Las Vegas Squirrel Situation: Over the last 2 months my son has been hearing noises in his room - at first it sounded like scampering and we told him probably squirrels running across the roof - he is on the second floor and there is a roof right outside his room which is over our kitchen and downstairs bedroom - more recently he has been hearing scratching coming from the bottom of his walls - his room is only a few feet away from the hallway where the hatch to the crawl space is - also very close to the chimney. You said in your website that squirrels can be in the walls - how would they get in? My husband said that once in the crawl space there is another door to the roof but that would be impossible to get through. Could the squirrels have gotten into the chimney? although they seem like they are in the walls. What would my husband look for in the crawl space. I have never seen a rat or mouse in our neighborhood but the noise does seem to be there sometimes towards dusk - if they are in the wall would they still be asleep by sunset? I am concerned about my husband going into the crawl space - do you have a suggestion? We cannot afford a lot of money to hire someone in Las Vegas. My husband would need to enter the crawl space during the day to go onto the large roof but would it be better to go into the crawl space at night to look around if they are asleep then?

Hi i m in New York queens Jamaica area I have squirrel in my attick I just want them to remove them and close the hole I would like to know what would be the cost to remove and close the hole thank you

Hello David, We seem to have a squirrel in our chimney. The noise (scratching ) started this morning & sounds frantic. Tonight it is less noisy & occasional. Are you able to help with this problem & how much do you charge?

Good morning, We have a serious problem with squirrels eating the wood near the roof my home. We had an area patched up last year and they have returned again in a different section of my home. I have huge holes in the front of my house. I want to get rid of them and stop them from eating away at my house. Would it be possible to provide an estimate?

Squirrel Control Las Vegas. If you wish to learn more, click on the How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic home page. Our company is fully licensed and insured in Nevada. Give us a call today at 702-577-2880 to discuss your pest squirrel problem in Las Vegas.