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Although I wrote everything I know about squirrel issues for this website, oftentimes a problem with squirrels in the attic is beyond the scope of the do-it-yourself homeowner to solve. We have a professional squirrel expert in Naples, Florida that handles problems with wildlife. We have the tools, techniques, and experience that help us do a far better job at wildlife removal than a non-experienced homeowner could. We possess licensing that allows us to do certain types of work legally, that non-licensed homeowners in the state of Florida are not allowed to do. For the welfare of your situation, and the squirrels, in some cases it's best to hire a pro.

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Naples Squirrel Control If you have a squirrel problem in Collier County Florida, or any other conflict with a wild animal, I am confident that we can solve it. Unlike other Naples pest control companies or Naples squirrel exterminators, we use humane methods of squirrel control, such as prevention, exclusion, or live squirrel trapping and relocation. We specialize in the removal of rodents and other animals from homes, especially squirrels in the attic or eaves. If you hear noises in your attic, or see chewing on your wood or wires, or have a nest or feces in your attic, we can solve your problem.

Call us any time at 239-829-5372 for a price quote and to schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. We use humane methods when dealing with Naples wildlife removal situations, especially squirrel removal. We look forward to hearing from you!

Naples Squirrel Situation: Hello David! I am writing because we have recently moved in to a new home and discovered a mama squirrel with babies in the attic. We know that's what it is because last Sunday she scratched a hole through the ceiling and dropped one of her babies through! Said baby squirrel has been taken in at Back to Nature but we're pretty sure the mama and other babies are still in the attic. We live in Naples FL, near the corner of University and Rouse. Could you please give me an estimate on both cost and how quickly you can come out? Thanks so much! Jen

Cost is $89 for inspection and trap or one-way door setup, and more for repairs to keep the squirrels out permanently. Call Gregg at or Ben at and one of them should be able to help you today! (If one doesn't answer, just call the other).

David, I'm hoping you can explain the call I had with Ben yesterday. When I asked him about coming out to take a look at our squirrel problem he told me it would be $200-300 to take care of it. He very nearly called me a liar when I quoted your $89 price and then said he would be happy to come out and take a look for $89 (implying that he wouldn't do anything else for that much). I was hoping for an honest quote and/or inspection from your company but do not feel as though I have gotten one thus far. Am I missing something here? Jennifer

$200 - $300 final total price would be extraordinarily cheap. $89 is the fee for the first service call and inspection. But then the job can vary. You'll need repairs to your home to keep the squirrels out. If there's wood that the squirrels can chew through, you need to trap and relocate them. If not, you can use a one-way exclusion door. Every home is different, and every job is different. There is definitely no one-price fits all, not any more than with auto repair. There are return trips to the home to remove squirrels and traps. Some jobs take as little as $250 total, but the average is usually higher. Ben is super nice! I guess he got confused if you were telling him that you thought a final TOTAL price would be $89. Sorry about that.

I could tell she was not very happy with me by the time the phone call ended. I suppose I did get a little sarcastic with her, but she just did not seem to understand that completing the whole job was going to cost more than $89. It was sort of funny she asked if I would give her an estimate, to which I replied that I would be happy to come out but I wanted to let her know that most straight forward squirrel jobs using a one-way door cost between $200-$300. To this she insisted that you wrote to her in an e-mail that I would come out to address the problem for $89. I told her she was correct, but that you meant only for the initial visit, and that there would surely be more visits. She was still very insistent on the $89 price, so after a little more back and forth I told her, "I'll tell you what, I can come out for $89 a trip plus repairs, there will probably be at least two trips, plus a little extra for repairs, which should put you at oh... about $200-$300. I don't think she found my sarcasm funny.

Squirrel Control Naples. If you wish to learn more, click on the How to Get Rid of Squirrels in the Attic home page. Our company is fully licensed and insured in Florida. Give us a call today at 239-829-5372 to discuss your pest squirrel problem in Naples.