What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) squirrel

What to do about a cage-shy (hard to trap) squirrel

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to try and catch a hard-to-trap, cage-shy squirrel. The first thing you should accept is that you are probably using the wrong cage, in the wrong place, and with the wrong bait, although the latter isn't really that important at all. You will need to use a small (ish) trap, around 6x6x18 in size. You will also need to make sure you're placing the trap somewhere the squirrel will actually find it. You can monitor the squirrel for a few days, learning where it exits and enters your home, and where possible, you should bolt the squirrel trap to the hole. The squirrel will run out, into your trap, and then you are free to relocate it somewhere it can't bother you again. Peanut butter, peanuts and bird feed are great examples of bait to use, although squirrels are scavengers so they will eat a wide variety of foods you might place in front of it. You may need to accept that using a live cage trap isn't the best solution for your squirrel problem. Exclusion devices and methods are preferred, especially if you want to take a humane approach. Squirrels will often become confused and panicked when caught in a cage, and this can lead to erratic behavior and one very injured squirrel at the end of it. When you use exclusion devices, you can seal up the smaller holes that the wild critter are using rarely, sealing up the one remaining hole - where the exclusion device is - once you can be sure all squirrels are removed - young and adult.

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The squirrel may be attractive to look at, but also it can be annoying as well as destructive. If you have ever had problem with squirrels, you can understand well how they can test your patience and the condition of your yard. Squirrels can disturb your peaceful life in many ways. They can create havoc in your garden and lawn. They can eat all the fruits and vegetables that you have toiled hard to grow, and also dig in your flower beds then your lawn. Squirrels can also crush and destroy your outside garden furniture. So, what can you do about these squirrels?

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Squirrels are annoying and vicious little critters, however, with the appropriate knowledge and tools, you can get rid this squirrel problem once and for all. A lot of people try's to handle squirrels when they are on their property by themselves to save money. Though it may seem easy just to set a trap to catching the squirrel, however, it could turn out to be hard after the squirrel escapes the trap. You may think that the squirrel is smart or hard to trap, but it is "cage shy ." It is not that a squirrel is super intelligent or an exceptional squirrel at all. Nonetheless, the fact is that the squirrels are just cage shy. If you are not experienced in trapping it can even be hard. Trapping a squirrel is a skill, just like any other skill, you need to be skillful for you to become experienced.

Several elements are involved in trapping. You need to know where to set up the trap and also the kind of bait that is best for squirrel. The kind and the place of the invasion will define the type of trap to use as well as the area to set the trap in then the kind of bait that will be effective. If you are unskillful, you can make a mistake of putting traps in the attic which will not work since squirrels like going outside. It also means that the bait might not be that appealing. If you are trying to get rid of the squirrels in the attic, the best method of catching the illusory squirrels is using a one-way trap. The squirrel is going to find itself imprisoned in a wire box just after getting in the one-way door trap. The other important factor when catching the squirrel is to decide earlier what to do with it once you capture it.

Though this may sound easy to do the job, you may find that it is not easy to catch a shy cage squirrel and think of hiring right professional to help you in this job. Decide on hiring an expert will not only solve the problem of catching a shy cage squirrel, but it will keep you from climbing loft ladder, as well as out of injury's way. Then after the work is done your expert also takes care of the squirrel removal issue as well. The good thing about an expert is that the job will be done more rapidly, and you will not have to be disturbed by anything. Then you will get the satisfaction of knowing that, the job will be completed accurately.

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